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Purchase one or more 30-liter oak barrels of precious Pure Swiss balsamic right now (application form)

The purchase price includes

Production of Pure Swiss Balsamico (made from Swiss apples) and filling into a 30-liter oak barrel.

Transportation and storage of the oak barrel in an underground gallery high in the Swiss Alps.


Insurance of your barrel against break-in, theft, and damages caused by elementary events, fire, transportation, and water.

Creation of a dedicated metal badge with individualized labeling for your barrel.

Confirmation of storage and documentation of your personal property. This serves to confirm your ownership and provides information about the major aspects of the purchase, the storage time period, the registration number of your barrel, and your desired labeling.

Our quality controls guarantee the highest-quality product possible.





An indulgence for your senses

Become the proud owner of a 30-liter oak barrel, containing finest Pure Swiss Balsamico

Since many years, nourishments like cacao, salt, or tea have been used as a means of payments and exchange.

By acquiring a barrel of Pure Swiss Balsamico, you are getting an exceptional food ingredient, to be consumed by yourself or as an investment. 


During the five-year storage period, you will have plenty of time to consider your options.

With each barrel of Pure Swiss Balsamico, you acquire a product cultivated and produced exclusively in Switzerland. A true representative of Swiss quality and innovation!

High in the Swiss Alps, a product of exceptional richness come to maturity in a premium oak barrel.


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